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Custom mastering reveals the Clarity, Depth, Punch, Balance, Shine, Groove, and Meaning you worked so hard to create.

Quality always stands out!


Whew! Your music is almost FINISHED!

You have no doubt come a long way from songwriting all the way through mixing. Now your music needs to be ready for duplication and distribution.

This is the final CRUCIAL stage in a long creative process. From here your songs will represent you as an artist to future fans.

After mastering with Mark, you can feel 100% confident that your songs will:

Sound GREAT when played on most systems, in mono, from vinyl, etc.
Have appropriate loudness, frequency response, wideness, etc. for their genre
Achieve YOUR musical vision. You don’t want to feel later like there was more you could have done for the sonics.


I care about the TONE and BALANCE of your music so I offer two options:

 Master from a stereo 2-track (Standard Service)
Mix and Master from up to 5 group outputs (Stem Service)


Same rate for all tracks up to 5 minutes long
 48-hour turnaround for initial output
1 session recall (2 with Stem Mastering)
4 outputs of your choice 

I have to charge a little extra for the following because of the extra time and care:

Tracks over 5 minutes long
Additional outputs / conversions (4 included FREE)
Additional session recalls / changes (1 included FREE)
Audio restoration, timestretching, or extensive editing
Remastering (submitting a new mix)
Rush service (24 hours per revision)
DDP preparation (for CD duplication)
Vinyl master preparation

You will receive 4 highest-quality stereo outputs of your choice (more are available à la carte) each with full metadata. You'll be ready for Spotify, CDBaby, YouTube, or any other outlet.


Get a 10% Album/EP discount for 5 or more tracks in a project
 Refer an artist to us! For every referral who becomes a client, we credit you $20 toward your next mastering service. Stackable and no limits!
 FREE Project Roadmap to track your music’s release
FREE Gig Tracker business journal to keep you organized
 FREE advice on acoustics, production, mixing, gear repair, and music licensing
 FREE listening/feedback, recommendations, and referrals
FREE Articles and any future content we create for our awesome clients!!


  1. Create an order, e-sign the Agreement, and checkout.
  2. You'll get an email with an invoice and link to upload your files.
  3. Then I'll ask for your instructions and song references to learn what you want.
  4. Whenever there's any uncertainty about what you want, we'll talk.
  5. Within 48 hours you’ll receive your first mastered track.
  6. Whenever I send you an output, you’ll have 48 hours to review it before I call it final. If you need more time, just let me know.
  7. If I didn't nail it the first time, you still get one more revision included FREE if you need it.
  8. Another 24 hours after that (or less) you’ll receive your final mastered tracks!


PER SONG (under 5 mins): $60 for Standard Mastering Service, $120 for Stem Mixing-Mastering Service

Extra Services like additional recalls, additional outputs, rush service, etc. from $10 and up

Albums/EP’s get a 10% discount when 5+ songs are submitted together

Click the orange button below to create your custom order.

Create Order, Sign Agreement, Submit Deposit

Send Us Your Files, Direction, & References

Receive Our Initial Outputs in 48 Hrs

Send Us Your Changes

Listen & Approve Changes

Submit Final Payment

Receive Final Masters


Our album was a mix of many styles, and Mark met each one with skillfulness and flexibility. He was very thorough, and worked very hard on getting our songs to sound in ways that we liked. He really cared about our project, was patient, and went the extra mile to create high quality work, for which we are very grateful.

-Kevin & Ruta, Pigeon Thieves


Working with Mark is awesome. He has a deep knowledge of sound and a ton of experience. He’s an excellent listener and delivered exactly what I asked for. I’ve worked with him on multiple projects including a commercial, on which he went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed and all before deadline. I can’t recommend Mark enough!

-Stephanie Ewens, Director,


It was a pleasure to work with Mark. He is an absolute professional who adapts to his client’s needs, working on budget and on time, while still maintaining the highest standards of quality. He’s a perfectionist for your work.

-Michele Meek, Founder,


Mark always delivered. Even when that meant crazy hours, and impossible requests.

-Griffin Stenger, Managing Director, The Concept Farm agency, New York

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