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My name is Mark Scetta. Like many of you, music was my first language. I believe music is important for a healthy society. After 20+ years in audio, what satisfies me most now is helping ambitious indie artists sound better than they thought they could.

I want to see ambitious artists earning a living from their music. I've licensed my own music for 15 years now, so I know it's possible.

Today, we are drowning in music. Music needs to stand out to make someone pause and actually feel something. Mastering can help give you that edge. Let's turn your songs into products you can shop. Shine through the fog of muddy bedroom mixes out there and get noticed.


Why Master with Mark?

I take the time to understand the sound you’re going for–and why. I really care about the tone, details, and texture of your music.

I give you custom outputs for any service--Spotify, CDBaby, CD, YouTube, even vinyl--with proper levels & dynamic range for each.

With one foot in the school and one in the street, I tend to enhance clarity, details, groove, and overall feel in a mix. If these are important to you, or challenging for you to do, I would be a good choice for your music.

This is NOT 'drive-thru' or 'online robot' mastering. I get your music 100% ready for streaming, digital and vinyl duplication, and music licensing.

I want your music to sound more impressive and more engaging to fans, labels, and music supervisors. That would makes us both popular 🙂

Musical Artists include Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Fred Schneider (B-52’s), Groove Collective, The Orange Factory (Jay Sean), David Davinchi, Stacie Nevins, Snub, Preach, The Amount Boys, Pigeon Thieves, Nate Cozzolino, and more.

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